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Motivational SPEAKER 101

Motivational SPEAKER 101 is not about me, but about the people that I meet and greet on a daily basis who have an interest in finding out how to not only get speaking engagements but also how to be able to make the most out of each and every opportunity that comes their way.


After 20 years I still get calls to speak at schools, colleges and corporations. There are no guarantees in this business, if you are ever promised that please start running as fast as you can.


Motivational SPEAKER 101 will be kept simple and to the point so that you have some strategies that you can put into place immediately to get a feel to see if being a Motivational SPEAKER is something that you want to pursue at this time.


The intent is to make this guide easy to read while providing cost effective tips to give you an opportunity to move forward with one of your dreams.


Cost effective is important because you can go to training after training, never get what you need, never see the results that you want, and at the same time spend thousands of dollars attending seminars and workshops.


After reading Motivational SPEAKER 101 and activating the ideas in this book if you decide not to pursue this dream you will only be out of the cost of this eBook and the time that you put into it.


Through the word SPEAKER you will learn how to better develop your:









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After reading Motivational SPEAKER 101 and putting the Key Exercises to work do you feel you still need additional coaching to become a better Motivational SPEAKER?


If the answer is yes please fill out the formula below and email it to; Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes will follow up with you about coaching possibilities.


(S) -Do you have a bio, website and or blog? 

(P) – What is your purpose and why do you want to become a Motivational SPEAKER?

(E) – What is your Current market and your Future market?

(A) – Do you know at least 3 decision makers in your Current and Future markets?

(K) – What do your markets want to learn from you?

(E) – Do you have marketing materials and brands in place that can help you get booked to speak for a free or fee speaking engagement?

(R) – What evidence do you have from the events you have participated in?


Derrick Hayes, an alumnus of Tennessee State University is available for small and large meetings, church events, academic speaking engagements and workshops. Please visit Derrick's website at and to book him for a speaking engagement or media event, send an email to or call (706) 615-1662.

7 Reasons to Book me at Your COLLEGE

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On The Road With Derrick Hayes

Derrick Hayes Dream To Speak at TSU Comes True

Derrick Hayes is an alumnus of Tennessee State University and dreamed that one day he would be hired to come back and speak to the student body in Nashville, TN.  On Tuesday September 24th, 2013 the dream of Derrick Hayes came true. At TSU the Women’s and Men’s Centers brought Derrick Hayes in to speak to about the process of “Building Relationships in College and Out.” The event took place in 2nd Floor Auditorium in the Harold M. Love, Sr. Student Success Center of Tennessee State University. Below are video clips from this great event.

TSU Testimonials

The WOE (Word Of Encouragement) Enterprises Song



“A brilliant man and helped out a lot to the questions I had in PR and marketing”


Joel Hinojosa –Reeding High School


“Derrick’s presentation was an absolute inspiration for my life and my business”


Sean Royer – UW-Eau Claire


“Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement”


Amy Pschierer – Genesee Community College


“Derrick Hayes has really inspired a young entrepreneur like myself to to really connect with everyone”


Orlando Tate, Jr. – Ball State University


“Derrick’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. He sincerely cares about the people around him. Derrick is a great example of someone who finds joy in seeing others succeed”


Bryan C. Bennett – Brigham Young University


“Thank you for sharing PR leads that were great”


Joyce McCauley – Saint Louis University


“Derrick Delivers”


Dr. Jerome A. Kat – Saint Louis University Professor of Entrepreneurship


“Social Media Strategies to Position yourself as an Expert is a bright, motivational program that can inspire any young entrepreneur to explore the endless opportunities to promote their business”


Nora Kipp – Genesee Community College


“Very inspirational and informative”


Abbey Brau - College of St. Benedict


“Derrick Hayes gave us an encouraging word that if you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way” 


Pastor Timothy Beard – Danville Community College VA


“You’re awesome, thanks for teaching us about networking and being service minded”


Hong Zoo Lu – St. john’s University


“Informational and Inspirational”


Sarah Harbottle – The College of Wooster


“Derrick’s presentation changed the way I think about social media and ways to market my business”


John Breitbart – Miami University of Ohio


“Thanks for providing creative advice on how to brand yourself”


Marc Capistrant – Radford University


“Thank you for opening up the world of PR. I now have many valuable strategies to market myself in business”


Emily Reznecheck – College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University


“Derrick Hayes opens our eyes to opportunities and how to see if they are for you or for someone else in your network”


Olga Rozmuszcs - College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University

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