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As an athlete growing up Derrick Hayes has been a part of successful teams. In elementary and middle school Derrick was a key contributor to regional championship winning football teams. In High School the stakes were higher as Derrick Hayes a was key contributor on state qualifying football and track and field teams. 


In college Mr. Hayes was a part of a different team that went by the name of Hayes & Lee Creative Relations. Hayes partnered with Andre Lee who is now a National Manager with INROADS an organization that helps minoirity students find interneships and career job opportunities to help bring the Wall Of Excellnce Scholarship & Development Fund to the campus of Tennessee State University where to this date it has helped raise over $500,000.00 for deserving students to help them finish their college education. 


In the Muscogee County School System Mr. Hayes was part of the the unheard of at the time 3 Men in the classroom where talents and experiences were combined to help work with Autistic students with behavior problems so that they would be provided positive solutions with a valuable learning environment. 


Community service is where Derrick Hayes has been able to be part of one of the greatest teams ever. Since 2011 Derrick Hayes has been a mentor in the Boys of Distinction Program with the Laymen at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church where weekly they work with young men ages 9 to 12. Team work and hard work also creates individual success as Derrick Hayes was chosen by a committee of community leaders at the Deacon James Brown Award Winner as the 2016 Layman Of The Year. 


These team experiences along with over 20 years of presenting programs and workshops to groups and organizations have inspired Derrick Hayes to want to give back more to team environments. If you are part of a sports team, community team, management team, sales team, office team or youth team please review the team topics below and keep Derrick Hayes in mind when you need a Motivational Speaker for Teams that will help you and your organization with team building and developing your team vision. 


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WOE (Word Of Encouragement) for Your TEAM

In this workshop your TEAM will learn how to:


- Notice and not negelct obstacles when they come.


- Turn negativity into positivity.


- Get better in bitter times.


- Turn trials into triumphs and teach testimonies. 

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Network To Build Team Relationships

In this session through the word BUILD each TEAM attendee will learn how to: 


B - Become themsleves in a TEAM environment.


U - Understand their uniqueness and how their gifts can empower their TEAM.


I - Invest in networking on and off the job.


L - Learn from past relationships to establish better co-worker relationships. 


D - Develop others and be willing to let others develop them.

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1 Word Is All It Takes To Build Your TEAM

In this program your TEAM will develop by learning how to:

-Find your TEAM WORD (Focus)

-Speak your TEAM WORD (Affirmation)

-Activate your TEAM WORD (Inspiration)

-Name your TEAM WORD (Branding)

-Share your TEAM WORD (Distribution)

-Keep your TEAM WORD (Commitment)

-Live Your TEAM WORD (Transformation) 

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TEAMMATE Blueprint

In this program through the word TEAMMATE your TEAM will Discuss 8 Things They Can Do With Each Other To Make Them A Better Work Sister or Brother.

(T) is for Time.


(E) is for Encouragement.


(A) is for Ask. 


(M) is for Minimize.


(M) is for Motivation. 


(A) for Appreciate. 


(T) is for Teach.


(E) is for Empathy.

For more information on Derrick Hayes please visit, email or call (706) 615-1662 to book him to speak to your TEAM or for a Derricknym signing at your next TEAM meeting, conference or event.


“A brilliant man and helped out a lot to the questions I had in PR and marketing”


Joel Hinojosa –Reeding High School


“Derrick’s presentation was an absolute inspiration for my life and my business”


Sean Royer – UW-Eau Claire


“Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement”


Amy Pschierer – Genesee Community College


“Derrick Hayes has really inspired a young entrepreneur like myself to to really connect with everyone”


Orlando Tate, Jr. – Ball State University


“Derrick’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. He sincerely cares about the people around him. Derrick is a great example of someone who finds joy in seeing others succeed”


Bryan C. Bennett – Brigham Young University


“Thank you for sharing PR leads that were great”


Joyce McCauley – Saint Louis University


“Derrick Delivers”


Dr. Jerome A. Kat – Saint Louis University Professor of Entrepreneurship


“Social Media Strategies to Position yourself as an Expert is a bright, motivational program that can inspire any young entrepreneur to explore the endless opportunities to promote their business”


Nora Kipp – Genesee Community College


“Very inspirational and informative”


Abbey Brau - College of St. Benedict


“Derrick Hayes gave us an encouraging word that if you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way” 


Pastor Timothy Beard – Danville Community College VA


“You’re awesome, thanks for teaching us about networking and being service minded”


Hong Zoo Lu – St. john’s University


“Informational and Inspirational”


Sarah Harbottle – The College of Wooster


“Derrick’s presentation changed the way I think about social media and ways to market my business”


John Breitbart – Miami University of Ohio


“Thanks for providing creative advice on how to brand yourself”


Marc Capistrant – Radford University


“Thank you for opening up the world of PR. I now have many valuable strategies to market myself in business”


Emily Reznecheck – College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University


“Derrick Hayes opens our eyes to opportunities and how to see if they are for you or for someone else in your network”


Olga Rozmuszcs - College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University

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